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All About Me

Like everyone else, I have to lot to tell about myself. Here I have tried to tabulate every important thing about me. :)You can also Google Me or Find out more about me via web .

Name : Sunny Prakash tiwari
DOB : 10th July, 1995
Hobbies : Reading quora, Star Gazing, Movies
Good At : Coding, designing, Teaching, Keeping Secrets
Ask Me : Technology, Gadgets
Profession : DevOps Engineer (Amazon)
Native of : Uttar Pradesh (India)
Keywords : web-developer,DevOps Engineer, Night-Owl, Adventurous, Awkward
Likes : Traveling, Meeting New People
a.k.a : Sunnygkp10

I am 23 years old. I am mediun height (about ~ 167cm) but I weigh about 143.3 lbs (65 kgs). First thing, I do not like being social - mostly because I do not know what it exactly means! I belong to a joint Indian family of more than 10 people. I like music + hot cappuccino + black / green terminal and that is why I am often seen with all three of it. Like most engineers in India, I usually sleep late at night. I like watching movies, music videos, web-shows and Documentaries. Apart from Computer Science, I am also interested in entrepreneurship. My Primary Gods include -elon musk and Steve Jobs.

My failures have motivated me more than my achievements. I work as hard as possible. I am usually good at working under pressure with an upcoming deadline to meet. I also like self-learning usually via web. I hate reading books - novels, technical, academic, etc - all of it. I am not patient enough to read a whole book. I love debating especially technical debate among a small set of people. I am rarely angry. I am a non-vegetarian and like trying out new dishes and cuisine. I maintain a diary and occasionally write stuff. I have travelled through 8/29 states in India.

I grew up in Kushinagar, India. My childhood was a happy one (:P). I was only an above-average student at my primary school. I was always good at logic. After primary education, I attended Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya(Kushinagar) - one of the best and prestigious schools in India , run by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, New Delhi, an autonomous organization under the Department of Education and Literacy, Ministry of H.R.D., Government of India. It played a pivotal role in my academic career. However, I failed to get a branch of my choice in any of the IITs and NITs and thus I joined KNIT,sultanpur(State Goverment autonomus college). I made a lot of friends there. I learn a lot there - everyday. I took up a couple of leadership roles too. Currently, I am working as a DevOps Engineer at Amazon development centre, hyderabad. I try to learn from everyone here. I also try to help others as much as possible. I like hyderabadi food :P

I use sunnygkp10 as the username / handle for most of my web accounts. It represents my name and city (gorakhpur). I also worked as Freelancer web-developer.