Significant Projects

Con Fusion (Coursera Project)

Hybrid mobile application


webapp for KNIT Newsletter


International conference's website

Online exam system

Fully dyanamic quiz

Online diary

Online personal diary

Effulgence 2k15

KNIT Techfest website

Matching Game (Coursera)

A simple 2D javascript game


National conference's webportal

Technical Skills

This section outlines my technical ability. It is not an exhaustive list however I have tried to list most of the significant technical skills that I have learned throughout my life. While I love to expand my skill-set as much as possible, I also understand the importance of having a strong command over smaller set of tools than a weak command over larger set of tools


web-development , Data Structures and Algorithms are among my strongest abilities. I like to play around with back-end of highly scalable web applications. I also have an interest as well as sound knowledge in areas like Applied Machine Learning and Intelligent web.

Favorite Tools

Operating System : Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) 
IDE : Codeblocks, eclipse
Text Editor : Sublime Text, Brackets,Atom, Gedit, Vim 
Other : Git, Latex, Grunt & gulp , bower ,yo & yomen

Programming Languages

Proficient : C, Javascript, PHP, HTML5, CSS3
Good Knowledge : C++, Go, Python, Shell Scripting,
Still a lot to Learn : C#,java, R, Ruby 
Programming Language is just a tool, Logic is main art.

Libraries & Frameworks

Web : Bootstrap,NodeJS, JQuery, MySQL,Ionic 
Libraries : STL 
Devices : Android SDK,PhoneGap,cardova
Others: Material design , Search engine optimization,web-hosting,AWS