Summary of Con Fusion

Con Fusion (Coursera Project)

It is a Hybrid mobile application of a restaurant.It is project of my coursera course "Full stack web development specialization" by "The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology."

It is part of 4th course of specialisation "Multiplatform Mobile App Development with Web Technologies."

To view the source code of this project. (Click here)


✔ Details of all dishes.

✔ Online table booking.

✔ Add dishes to favorites.

✔ Comments on dishes

✔ View customer's Feedback.

✔ All plateform supported like android,ios, windows etc.

Technology use

✔ Use of Angular js.

✔ For designing use of CSS3,Font-awesome icons.

✔ Ionic framework for mobile look.

✔ Android studio for teting of app

✔ Use Cardova for build and deploy.

✔ For database i run a json-server on on ubuntu.

✔ Apache server for teting and deployement.

✔ Git for version control.