Summary of Online exam system

Online exam system

A fully dyanmic and responsive quiz system . It helps admin to create quiz and user to take part in quiz and compete with others.This project was done to demonstrate web App Development skills.

This project was done as a part of 40-hr training session on Web Application Development at summer training at netcamp, LNMIIT jaipur in June 2015.

To view the source code of this project. (Click here)


✔ participate in quiz .

✔ Compete with other user.

✔ View history.

✔ Submit feedback.

✔ Dyanmically quiz setup for admin.

Technology use

✔ HTML5,CSS3,jQuery & bootstrap for front-end development.

✔ PHP for backend.

✔ Apache server for testing and development.

✔ Git for version control.

✔ Sublime text for coding.